Tools & Resources

Resources for Researchers

  • +Data & Biospecimens

    Resources that provide qualified researchers access to patient data and biospecimens for the purpose of advancing tauopathy research:

    FTD Disorders Registry

    • Qualified researchers can work with the FTD Disorders Registry team to query de-identified existing data, collect tailored survey data, or propose a collaborative research study.

    4 Repeat Tauopathy Neuroimaging Initiative – Cycle 2 (4RTNI-2)

    • Qualified researchers can apply to access clinical and imaging (dMRI, fMRI, sMRI) data from patients diagnosed with taupathies, including PSP and CBD, enrolled in 4RTNI-2.
  • +Research Tools

    Resources that provide information and access to critical tools, including preclinical models and reagents, for tauopathy research:

    Allen Brain Atlas

    • Online resource that enables scientists to investigate gene expression, connectivity, single cell morphology, electrophysiology data and more from both mouse and human brains. Biological and research tools are also available.

    NINDS Scientific Resources

    • Summary of translational resources supported by the NINDS, including animal models, reagents, and antibodies available to the research community.

    Preclinical Models

    • Access to mouse models and other translational tools commonly used in tauopathy research.
  • +Funding Opportunities


  • +Rainwater Prize Program

    Click here for information about the Rainwater Prize Program for outstanding advancements in the field of tauopathy research.

Resources for Patients & Families

Resources for Clinicians