Tauopathies 2020

The Rainwater Charitable Foundation and the Tau Consortium seek to play a constructive role in bringing together all researchers and stakeholders engaged in finding a cure for tauopathies. Therefore we are in the early stages of putting together a co-hosted open conference to focus on tau-related research areas.

Primary cultured neurons that express the tau protein were exposed to pathogenic tau fibrillar seeds. This process of seeded aggregation may underlie disorders of tau accumulation.


The objectives of this conference are currently;

Raise awareness and attract more funding to the field:

  • Motivate government, non-profits, and philanthropists to provide more grant funding for tauopathy research
  • Motivate industry partners to invest more in proprietary tau research, academic collaborations, spin-outs from academia, and in-licensing deals
  • Enable patient advocacy groups to raise awareness and attract funding

Raise awareness and attract more talent to the field:

  • Identify and encourage new talent to work on tau, especially early career researchers
  • Provide a vehicle for domestic and international tau researchers to learn more about each others’ work

Increase alignment and collaboration around the remaining challenges:

  • Provide a platform for sharing the Tau Consortium’s point of view about unanswered questions and funding priorities
  • Provide a productive space to work on issues like increased sharing of data and biospecimens
  • Provide a platform for academic researchers to connect with industry partners and other investors


If you are interested in becoming a potential partner or sponsor please contact us. Stay tuned for registration information and join our email list to receive updates.